Americans Forced to Take Cover as Shots Fired

Americans Forced to Take Cover as Shots Fired

( – Americans love taking a vacation — when they get the chance, that is. Many elect to go to tropical areas to enjoy the sun and the beach, maybe even play a little volleyball. But they likely don’t expect to be in the middle of a firefight.

On November 4, a gunfight between suspected drug cartels broke out on a beach in Cancun, Mexico, which is not exactly the idea most people have in mind when going to enjoy the sand and sun.

Mexican media reported 15 armed people on the beach, sending tourists in the area scrambling for cover. Authorities in the area asserted no one was hurt or kidnapped other than two alleged gang members who died on the beach.

Tourists took cover in the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun Resort, where staff told them to shelter in their rooms and barricade the doors. Many tourists had to stay in the lobby of the hotel. The US State Department issued a statement indicating it was aware of the situation and urged Americans in the area to let their families and friends know they were safe.

Cancun is a popular destination, but the US State Department added travel warnings to the area in August due to gang-related violence.

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