Americans Furious After Violent Crime Surges by Repeat Offenders

Americans Furious After Violent Crime Surges by Repeat Offenders

( – Outrage is surging across America due to recent crimes committed throughout the nation by repeat offenders. Popular opinion would say these individuals have no right to be free in our civilized society, so why does the judicial system allow it to happen?

The judges presiding over these cases often set amazingly low bail amounts despite offenders frequently having violent criminal pasts. As a result, wrongdoers jump right back into the streets, where they commit even more vicious crimes. That’s precisely what happened in a shocking nationwide string of cases.

A judge released Darrell Brooks on a $1,000 bond after running over the mother of his child with a vehicle. Just days later, Brooks proceeded to drive into a Christmas parade in Wisconsin, killing six people and injuring well over dozens of others.

Semmie Williams Jr., a Florida man with a 16-page rap sheet, stabbed 14-year-old Ryan Rogers unprovoked last month.

Deon Ledet was being served a felony warrant for narcotics when he opened fire on officers, killing Officer William Jeffrey of the Houston Police Department. Ledet had 18 previous arrests for various violent and drug-related crimes.

These are only a few of the most recent stories that have come out about repeat offenders and their continued violent crimes. Yet, courts continue to offer leniency, even to those who clearly don’t deserve their trust. So, what will the judicial system do to amend the issue of repeat offenders? Americans want answers before anyone else gets hurt.

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