Amidst Skepticism, US Dollar Remains Strong

Amidst Skepticism, US Dollar Remains Strong

( – A few critics of the US’ handling of the coronavirus warn the US dollar will not hold its worth in the coming weeks. However, these claims seem to be unwarranted. The American dollar remains the top currency in the world.

Top Yale economist and former Morgan Stanley Asia Chairman, Stephen Roach, warned in early June about a 35% decline of the dollar and received much backlash. However, he stood behind his opinion a week later, laying out how the crash could happen.

In response to this prediction, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are increasing in value and gold has climbed to a seven-year high. Many countries question if the dollar should continue to be the world’s reserve currency, but their inquiries are met with the fact that other options are not nearly as strong.

The coronavirus pandemic left no major economy untouched, so the US dollar remains the strongest world currency. This keeps America’s economy and freedoms secure. As Americans return to work and we continue to protect our rights in the workplace, we’ll be able to keep the US at the top.

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