Amy Coney Barrett Has Responded to Hecklers at the Reagan Library

Amy Coney Barrett Has Responded to Hecklers at the Reagan Library

( – Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney-Barrett (ACB) brushed off hecklers in style on Monday, gathering laughs and applause from her audience at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in the process. ACB reduced the actions of those in the crowd who would treat someone with such disrespect to the antics of children. The raucous event-crashers managed to hurl a few insults before the judge shut them down, according to Fox News.

“As a mother of seven,” ACB quipped, “I’m used to distractions. The crowd, there for a live interview with the lifetime judicial appointee, offered their support and happily listened as the accomplished adjudicator moved on to more important subjects.

ACB is no stranger to controversy or hecklers. The Left seems to assume that because she holds Christian faith near to her heart that she won’t be able to fairly rule on matters of equity and law, even though she placed a hand on the Holy Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Coney-Barrett reaffirmed her devotion to defending and preserving the nation’s most precious documents, stating that what the majority believes, along with what the Constitution and precedent require, are ultimately what should matter most to someone on the highest court in the land.

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