Anarchist Group Member Wanted to Bomb Over 100 People in Disturbing Plot, Report Suggests

Anarchist Group Member Wanted to Bomb Over 100 People in Disturbing Plot, Report Suggests

( – On January 6, 2021, Trump supporters protested the electoral college certification. Some attendees managed to get into the Capitol, causing panic among politicians and prompting the media to paint the group as domestic terrorists. However, in the face of actual domestic terrorism, the media has remained silent.

On the first anniversary of the January 6 protest, Florida state Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R) spoke at a rally protesting the treatment of January 6 prisoners, many of whom he sees as political prisoners. Unfortunately, law enforcement stopped 22-year-old Garrett Smith when he attempted to enter the rally, dressed in all black, with ill-intent. Thankfully, the anarchist wasn’t able to carry out his plan.

Authorities arrested the 22-year-old after discovering he was carrying a pipe bomb and other explosives. Police noted that during a search of Smith’s home, which he shared with his parents, they discovered tape, nails, and additional explosives for grenades. Authorities also found a “direct action” checklist that contained Antifa iconography.

Sabatini, who is now in the race for the US House, called Smith a domestic terrorist. He blasted the mainstream media for being silent about the incident, claiming it went against their narrative.

Authorities confirmed that Smith had recently returned to his parent’s home in Florida after spending an unspecified amount of time in Portland, OR, a known Antifa recruitment stronghold.

The US House candidate blamed the media for Smith’s radicalization, claiming that their narrative spurs these incidents. Sabatini urged Republicans and conservatives not to allow the radical left to induce fear into those who stand for the US Constitution.

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