Andrew Coumo RETURNS – As Rumors Swirl!

Andrew Cuomo Has Returned to the Public Life

Andrew Cuomo Has Returned to the Public Life

( – Andrew Cuomo, who resigned from the position of New York Governor on August 9, 2021, is reaching once again for the public spotlight. The left-leaning politician recently shared a video detailing his thoughts and actions since his scandalous leave from office. The fallen leader stepped down after allegations he’d sexually harassed or mistreated at least 11 staff members.

The video, which Cuomo released on September 28, attempted to sweep his alleged behavior under the rug while painting a personal image of wholesomeness and introspection. He noted he’d “fought the good fight” his entire life, adding that he was “not done fighting yet.”

Cuomo pointed in numerous directions as the reasons for the country’s political divide. Speaking as though he still held office, the past governor failed to mention the potential crimes that pulled him away from office in the first place. Instead, he discussed his excitement over a PAC he’s starting “to elect the right people to office” as well as the Gun Safe America Project, which he promises the American public will learn more about soon.

Does Andrew Cuomo still have any influence in politics, or will his attempt at a comeback fall as short as his last New York governor term?

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