Andrew Cuomo Tells Restaurant Owners to Be “Happy” For His Orders

Andrew Cuomo Tells Restaurant Owners to Be

( – In March of this year, New York residents were hit hard by the first wave of COVID-19 and experienced devastating shutdowns in New York City and across the state. But, after a brief reprieve of limited closures through the fall, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) delivered a new ban on indoor dining while telling restaurant owners to be “happy” about it.

Indoor Dining Is Restricted – Again

Cuomo’s latest ban on indoor dining began on Monday, December 14. During a press conference, he shared the state’s tracking data, which showed only 1.43% of new cases traceable to bars and restaurants. Yet, he still chose to hurt tons of small businesses and put more New Yorkers out of work by shuttering dining rooms just two weeks before Christmas.

The New York Restaurant Association pushed back against the governor, sharing that this new ban would be detrimental to the industry:

Cuomo Defends His Choice

Cuomo’s defense for this new ban is to “change the trajectory” of the pandemic, hoping that closing dining rooms will prevent a future order to shut down restaurants completely. He emphasized business owners “should be happy” about the new closures. NYS politics reporter Bernadette Hogan shares his full quote:

Writer Kelly Jane Torrance interpreted Cuomo’s words for Americans:

Cuomo Forces His State to the Brink

Cuomo is pushing many small businesses to the brink of permanent closure by banning indoor dining, even when the scientific data doesn’t even back up his thought process. It’s likely that even more household gatherings will occur without indoor dining being an option as the cold winter sets in.

So, rather than forcing Americans out of restaurants by government order, perhaps Cuomo should let Americans choose how and when to run their businesses and lives.

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