Andrew Cuomo To Sue the State of New York

Andrew Cuomo To Sue the State of New York

Andrew Cuomo TURNS THE TABLES – Lawyers Called In!

( – Andrew Cuomo, the former Governor of New York, was forced to resign after facing sexual misconduct allegations. The Democrat had to go to court in March, for which he sought legal counsel and asked the state to foot the bill. However, New York Attorney General Letitia James denied the request. Now, the once admired governor is suing the state he used to run.

Cuomo is suing New York, claiming that AG James’ refusal to grant him counsel goes against the law. State legislation dictates that a governor qualifies for legal representation in any civil action, but only if they were acting within the parameters of their job as governor. Cuomo believes the statute should cover his case. The former governor has requested the New York Supreme Court vacate the AG’s denial of legal counsel. He also asked the justices to declare James a conflict of interest and requested the state pay for an attorney of his choice.

James led the investigation into Cuomo after 11 women, including a state trooper, came forward against the disgraced leader. The AG ultimately found the allegations to be true. She asserted that “sexually harassing” people who work under him wasn’t part of his job description as governor. The New York AG added that taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for Cuomo to attack his victims.

Do you feel Cuomo is in the right or wrong here?

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