Andrew Tate Indicted On Charges Of Rape & Trafficking

( – Social media star Andrew Tate was indicted on June 20 in Romania on human trafficking and rape charges. In a statement, the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) said that prosecutors also filed charges against Tristan Tate and two Romanian women. It added that the defendants were accused of creating a criminal organization in 2021 to commit “human trafficking” crimes in Romania and other nations.

According to different reports, prosecutors allege that the Tate brothers allegedly recruited seven female victims by promising they would marry them. The women were eventually moved to Bucharest’s Ilfov county where they suffered mental coercion and physical violence. The prosecutors also said that the female victims were exploited by members of Tate’s group by being forced to act in pornographic videos which they later sold.

The DIICOT’s statement pointed out that Romanian authorities ordered the confiscation of Tate’s assets, which included luxury watches and cars. The brothers’ spokesperson Mateea Petrescu said they were willing to “demonstrate” they are innocent and “vindicate” their reputation. She added that the brothers’ legal team will cooperate with Romanian authorities and present proper evidence to exonerate Andrew and Tristan.

The brothers and the two Romanian women were detained by Romanian police in December 2022 in the country’s capital. While media outlets suggested they would remain in prison, the Tate brothers won an appeal in March so they could officially be moved to house arrest.

Over the last few years, Andrew Tate became one of the most influential personalities on social media, gaining over 6 million followers on Twitter. However, he was banned from this platform, as well as Facebook and YouTube, for disseminating hate speech and expressing misogynistic comments. One of these included the claim that every woman should be responsible for getting sexually assaulted.

He recovered his Twitter account in 2022 after South African billionaire Elon Musk bought the platform and decided to reinstate his account.

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