Andrew Yang Says the US is a “Faux Democracy”

( – Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said on The Hill’s podcast “The Rising” that the United States is nothing more than a “faux democracy.” These comments are not surprising since the co-chair of the Forward Party has made similar claims over the last few years, including on famous podcasts such as “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

During an interview with hosts Robby Soave and Jessica Burbank, Yang said that it doesn’t matter how much people are suffering because the United States political system is a “faux democracy at this point.” He also pointed out this is the reality that Americans need to “shake up and change” as soon as possible, adding that the only way to see the most important problems getting solved and creating a better economy is by recreating “a genuine democracy in this country.”

When asked about the 2024 presidential election and the chance that President Joe Biden refuses to have a debate with Democratic candidates, Yang criticized the DNC and claimed that its members only support democracy “when it’s convenient.” He called for the 2024 primary season for the Democratic Party to be as competitive as possible, regardless of President Biden’s candidacy and popularity.

The former presidential candidate also pushed for major reforms to the primary system, including non-partisan primaries and ranked-choice voting. On this issue, Yang pointed to the states of Maine and Nevada, which have approved numerous changes to their election system. He added that the primary system that currently exists in the country only permits a tiny percentage of US voters to pick their presidential candidates.

Yang also pointed out that neither Biden nor Trump would cut next year if the general voter has a chance of voting for those who should really be the nominees for president. On this issue, he explained that the United States has a “silver” of its population controlling the nominees, and said these people are not “ideologically in tune” with most Americans.

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