Another Epstein Associate Dies Mysteriously in Prison

Another Epstein Associate Dies Mysteriously in Prison

( – Speculation surrounded Jeffery Epstein and his death, which authorities ruled a suicide. However, many didn’t believe Epstein killed himself, and many still don’t. Recently, an associate of the disgraced financier mysteriously died in prison, raising even more suspicions.

According to reports from the National File, authorities in a Paris prison stated that they found Jean-Luc Brunel, a French modeling agent, dead in his cell. Authorities incarcerated Brunel and held him as part of an investigation into whether Epstein abused French minors or underage girls on French territory.

Guards discovered Brunel’s body during a routine check, around 1:00-1:30 a.m. A prison official in France indicated the modeling agent’s cell wasn’t equipped with closed-circuit television. The official mentioned that the prison’s guards didn’t miss any of the routine checkups.

Authorities are investigating Brunel’s death, but as of right now, they believe he killed himself. The guards found Brunel hanging with his bedsheets wrapped around his neck, an image that’s all too familiar to Epstein’s case.

According to French media, Brunel was also facing charges of rape and potentially human trafficking minors. Reports from the Independent indicate that Brunel’s legal team believes their client did kill himself, noting it wasn’t a sense of guilt that drove him to do it; it was a sense of injustice because he insisted he was innocent.

Brunel’s death will surely draw attention, especially with his ties to Epstein and Prince Andrew, another associate of the disgraced financier and a target of sexual assault allegations.

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