Another One Of Bill Clinton’s Friends Has Been Found Shot Dead By “Suicide”

( – Thomas H. Lee, a financier and investor, was found shot dead from a self-inflicted wound, according to The Daily Mail. Lee, 78, was reportedly a friend of Bill Clinton and was found in his Fifth Avenue office in New York City. He was a legendary financier, who found and acquired medium-sized companies and fixed them up before selling them at their worth. 

He was educated at Harvard before going on to be worth around $2 billion, according to Forbes. The family spoke out, calling him a devoted father and husband. They asked that they be allowed to grieve, according to their spokesperson Michael Sitrick. 

His successes were described as the “envy of Wall Street” and his career is filled with financial achievements, including the leveraged buyout deals that he is known to have pioneered. Some of his most famous business deals include selling Snapple for $1.7 billion in 1992 after acquiring it for just $135 million and investing another $28 million. 

The revenue of the company also grew to three-quarters of a billion dollars from $95 million a year. His investments in these kinds of deals totaled $15 billion throughout his career. He resigned from his business in 2006 and opened Lee Equity Partners which focused on growth capital transactions rather than the leveraged buyouts he became known for. It was here that he served for nearly two decades as chairman before his alleged suicide. 

As a businessman of his statue, Lee had a variety of connections. In one photograph posted by The Daily Mail, he is seen with Bob Kraft and Glenn and Eva Dubin, the latter of the two who were friends with another notable financier Jeffrey Epstein. 

Lee was also known as a philanthropist, funding and serving on the boards of Lincoln Center and the Museum of Modern Art.

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