ANOTHER Tesla Recall?! – Rearview Camera Bug

( – Tesla is recalling yet another group of cars as they are facing issues with the rearview backup camera. Tesla is recalling these vehicles because of a “software instability” that prevented the camera from displaying, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Tesla stated that they were recalling Tesla models S, X, and Y vehicles that were equipped with the self-driving 4.0 feature due to the bug. There are an expected 199,575 Tesla cars that are affected by this according to the NHTSA.

The recall reference number is SB-24-00-002. Customers who may have questions about the recall or anything concerning it should contact customer service to get their questions answered promptly. Tesla owners are expected to be notified of the recall by mail starting on March 22.

Since the recall, Tesla has taken action by issuing a free software update to all Tesla cars that would remedy the issue.

This recall is following a record recall that affected thousands of Tesla vehicles just last month. Tesla recalled over 2 million vehicles over a defective system that was supposed to ensure that drivers were paying attention to the road even when using the self-driving feature. This recall took effect after multiple accidents resulted in death and led back to Tesla’s autopilot software after being investigated by the NHTSA.

Tesla has given us a few updates on how the company is doing in terms of business. Tesla recently spoke out saying that the sales for their vehicles might be “notably lower” this year compared to last year as they’ve been focusing on launching their new model in Texas.

Tesla has also been cutting the prices of their cars considerably. Just recently in Europe, the electric vehicle company cut its prices by a whopping 8.1% as it tries to maintain its lead in the electric vehicle market.

Tesla has been doing their best while in competition with China’s largest electric car company, BYD; they continue to work out the kinks in their self-driving system, while also trying to make their vehicles more affordable to stay on top of the EV market.

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