Anti-Trump Lawmaker Enters 2024 Race

( – One-time CIA agent and former Texas representative Will Hurd announced his presidential bid on June 22, becoming one of the most moderate candidates in the Republican Party. Hurd, who made the announcement on CBS, served three terms in Congress and is one of the fiercest critics of former President Donald Trump in the GOP.

In his campaign video, Hurd said that the United States needs common sense and claimed that the GOP could be the party “of the future.” He also explained that the “soul” of the nation is under attack because of illegal immigration, inflation, crime, and the fentanyl crisis. Hurd pointed out US President Joe Biden won’t be able to solve these problems, adding he will win again if Republicans nominate a “failed politician” like Trump.

During his CBS appearance, the former Texas representative said he considers himself a “dark horse” presidential candidate. He also said that the only chance that a Republican candidate has to win the nomination is not being afraid of Trump, whom he recognized as the main favorite right now.

Hurd’s announcement came as no surprise as he has recently visited New Hampshire and Iowa, telling voters the Republican Party needs to articulate a “new vision.” He joins former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the only candidates who are focusing more on Trump.

The former representative has said on numerous occasions that, if elected, he wouldn’t pardon the former president in the federal documents case against him. Hurd has also criticized many presidential candidates who have said they would pardon Trump, pointing out it’s “insane” to make that promise so prematurely.

Hurd also said on CBS it is “unacceptable” for him that Trump took classified documents after leaving office and still wants to be the president of the United States. The former representative said this is a spit “in the face” of thousands of Americans who put themselves in danger to “keep us safe.”

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