AOC Complains While Safe at Home

AOC Complains While Safe at Home

( – While comfortably mixing a margarita from home in self-quarantine, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) had some harsh words for America. She blasted the United States as a “brutal, barbarian society” and demanded more action from her fellow lawmakers. She called for the government to give people more free stuff in the form of healthcare, housing, and college education.

AOC accuses the US of only being for the rich. What she doesn’t mention is how its citizens elected a bartender to the United States House of Representatives, bumping her salary to over $100,000. That’s not even mentioning the fabulous benefits she gets.

She also doesn’t mention what the government is giving people during the COVID-19 crisis:

  • A direct cash payment of up to $1,200
  • $600 on top of state unemployment checks, ensuring some will make more money while laid off than when they were working
  • Free testing if they have COVID-19
  • Paid time off up to 14 days for many workers if they contract the illness

AOC complained that America doesn’t care for its people. She accused elitists of taking care of themselves while appearing as an elitist herself. Yet, the federal government added $2 trillion in new debt to help ensure American’s make it through the crisis.

Does that sound like a country that’s brutal and barbaric?

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