AOC Heckled During NYC Press Conference on Migrants

( – Protestors heckled Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during a September 15 press conference in New York City, over the escalating migrant crisis that the so-called Big Apple is currently experiencing. The screams and shouts continued after the press conference, as she and other Democratic leaders such as Representative Jerry Nadler were taunted while trying to walk outside the Roosevelt Hotel, which is one of the main migrant shelters.

According to different reports, this situation escalated to a tense moment as security personnel had to grab screaming demonstrators and shove them behind the barricades. They were yelling at Ocasio-Cortez and asking her to “close the border” and show more “respect” for the United States Constitution.

Some of the protestors were showing pro-Trump and anti-illegal immigration signs, as they were descending the hotel while the Democratic leaders were addressing the asylum-seeking crisis. As reported by Fox News, chaos erupted when Ocasio-Cortez and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus were touring the emergency shelter.

When they were explaining that the city needed to receive the proper resources to solve this crisis, a man with a megaphone started to shout over her top. The protestor screamed that illegal immigration wasn’t right, as well as the urgency of closing the border and stop ignoring the American legal system.

Despite the interruption, the Democratic leader tried to continue and detailed what she considered the best solutions to solve this humanitarian crisis. She explained there were “two points of consensus” that are crucial. The first one she said was the consensus across states and “geographies” on increasing the federal resources not only to the cities that are affected by this issue but also municipalities.

The second point she explained was to allow for work authorizations so migrants could start working as soon as possible and start to support themselves. She pointed out this was crucial as these migrants are currently prevented from employment.

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