AOC In Trouble With the Tax Collector?

AOC In Trouble With the Tax Collector?

( – As a newly elected member of Congress in 2019, one of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) first suggestions was to increase taxes on the rich by as much as 70%. She wanted this massive tax hike to pay for the progressive policies she supports. Yet, the Democratic Socialist owes $2,000 in unpaid taxes from a 2012 failed business.

In October 2016, New York dissolved the company because the business didn’t pay taxes it owed. In July 2017, the New York Tax Department filed a warrant over a $1,618.36 tax bill. Over the years, interest accrued and as of May 15, the amount owed was $2,088.78.

AOC spokeswoman Lauren Hitt said the tax warrant is being contested and the process takes time. The rationale for challenging the bill is the business was closed by the state. However, when the government closes the business for non-payment of taxes, that doesn’t mean the tax is no longer due.

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