Apple is Expected to Enter AI Race With Ambitious Ideas

( – Apple’s upcoming World Wide Development Conference has had people on the edge of their seats as they imagine what Apple’s approach to artificial intelligence will be.

There has been mounting pressure on the tech giant as many other technology companies have announced their ambitions into the nascent AI world. Due to Apple’s late announcement of artificial intelligence, experts are expecting their debut to be as big as the first iPhone was.

Their WWDC is an event the company hosts to review their newest launches and give investors and developers a peek into their newest upcoming products and software. However, many are expecting this conference to be solely based on the additions that Apple will implement for AI.

Many expect the software to make Siri much smarter and to make texting, calling, taking photos, and even sending emojis much faster and easier. Apple hasn’t provided any look or sneak peek into their development, which is very on-brand for the company.

The surge in artificial intelligence technology is the main reason that Nvidia, an AI chipmaker, has seen its market value shoot up past three trillion dollars. This ultimately puts them above Apple as the most valuable company, and it’s made many analysts a bit worried about Apple’s late launch of AI.

Many experts who are anticipating the conference think that this could catapult Apple into a top spot when it comes to this technology sector. Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities spoke out saying that infusing more AI into Apple’s products like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac Computer will allow their market value to grow exponentially.

Ives said that the conference “represents the most important event for Apple in over a decade as the pressure to bring a generative AI stack of technology for developers and consumers is front and center.”

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