Arab Muslim Countries Claim They Will Refuse Refugees

( – The King of Jordan, Abdullah II, rejected on October 16 the proposal of Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz for neighboring Arab nations to receive Palestinian refugees who are escaping from the Gaza Strip. The German leader made this proposal amid the anticipation of a ground offensive conducted by the Israeli armed forces in this territory.

About this operation, political analysts such as Fernando Villanueva or Ian Bremmer explained that the Israeli military could be entering into an “absolute nightmare,” as Palestinian terrorist group Hamas will deploy guerrilla tactics. While both of them believe the Israeli forces will prevail in their goal of eliminating Hamas, they have claimed it could take years for Israel to successfully finish this operation, and might even lose thousands of soldiers in the process.

During a press conference in Germany’s capital Berlin, following a meeting with Scholz, the Arab monarch emphasized that his country and Egypt refuse to accept any Palestinian refugee. He even told reporters this was a “red line” for both Muslim nations.

Over the last few days, the Israeli military has urged civilians of the Gaza Strip to immediately evacuate to the northern region of this territory, citing the possibility of more bombings and a ground offensive. This situation took place after Hamas executed a massive terrorist attack in the Jewish state on October 7, where they killed thousands of people and kidnapped nearly 200 who are now their hostages. Dozens of Americans died in this terrorist attack and many are still missing.

At the press conference, Scholz criticized the way Hamas has been using the civilian population as human shields over the last few years. He also claimed that, in addition to Israelis, people in Palestine were also some of the main victims of this terrorist organization. Further, the German leader told reporters that he warned Iranian-backed terrorist Hezbollah and even Tehran against intervening in this armed conflict. Scholz argued there’s no need for further escalation.

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