Are Biden’s Days Numbered? Ted Cruz Thinks They Are

Are Biden's Days Numbered? Ted Cruz Thinks They Are

( – A question that’s looming in the minds of many Americans is whether President Biden can continue on as he has. While he’s only a year into his presidency, Biden has made some decisions that haven’t sat well with the American people. According to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Biden’s term as president may be closer to ending than he realizes.

Senator Cruz believes Republicans have an excellent chance at winning back the House in the 2022 elections, giving them about a 90% chance of regaining a majority. However, the senator was less optimistic about the tightly contested Senate, giving the GOP a 50/50 chance of winning.

Cruz asserted that if Republicans do win back the House majority, the impeachment of Biden is almost a certainty. The senator noted that Democrats used impeachment as a political weapon during the Trump presidency and opened the door for Republicans to do the same.

Four House Republicans have already submitted articles of impeachment against Biden, namely due to his poor handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and the crisis he created at the Southern Border. Are the odds indeed that favorable for the GOP? Will they regain control of the House and potentially the Senate? If so, will they accomplish what Democrats failed to do with Trump and successfully impeach President Biden?

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