Are Green Tech Policies Responsible for TX Deaths?

Are Green Tech Policies Responsible for TX Deaths?

( – Green technology, like windmills and solar panels, has long been advertised by the Left as the best way to provide energy to our nation. Putting that tech to the test, winter storms and arctic temperatures hit the southern United States by surprise this past week. Unfortunately, the use of green technology has proven to be deadly.

As a deep freeze sets over Texas and surrounding states, wind turbines have frozen solid. Typically, wind turbines would produce one-fifth of the Lone Star State’s energy and now they’re producing none. Now, many residents are completely without power or are under scheduled blackouts to ration what energy is able to make it to homes.

In total, over 4 million Texas residents went without power at some point this week, and many have been hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning as they resort to alternative ways to keep themselves warm. As of Tuesday, February 16, two Texas residents died after sitting in their car without proper ventilation for this very reason and as of February 17, Fire officials in Harris County, said at least 14 people, including 7 children, have been transported to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning.

House Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) shares her opinion on the policies to blame for many of the blackouts:

Hopefully, gas and oil companies can increase their fuel supply and battle the cold by meeting the heightened demand that wind turbines failed to deliver upon. Green energy may not be the answer; only reliable energy sources will keep Americans alive in the dead of winter.

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