Arizona Candidate Drops Controversial Advertisement

Arizona Candidate Drops Controversial Advertisement

Rising Republican Hits Hard With OUTRAGEOUS Ad — But Did It Go Too Far?

( – As the midterms draw closer, political ads are working to drive home their points harder than ever. Candidates use current issues and attack their opponents in attempts to swing voters their way, but every once in a while, someone takes their message to extremes. An Arizona congressional candidate recently sparked controversy over his new campaign angle.

Jerone Davison, a Republican running for Arizona’s 4th District, released a clip that, like many political commercials, started off talking about the other party’s stance on controversial issues. In this case, it was guns.

Davison asserted that, despite the Left’s claims that no one needs an AR-15 with 30 rounds, the combination may be the only thing protecting a person’s family from “angry Democrats in Klan hoods.” The 24-second clip showed the congressional candidate meeting the Klan members outside of his home with his AR-15, causing the hooded figures to turn back.

Davison’s statement drew both praise and criticism, with many conservatives supporting his ad. Democrats weren’t so happy about the choice, criticizing the Republican’s decision to portray the KKK attacking him. Some people declared Davison was using liberals’ games against them. Perhaps that’s why the Left is having such a hard time with the advertisement. What do you think about Davison’s message?

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