Arizona Homeowner Fends Off Intruder With Gun

( – A resident of South Phoenix, Arizona, shot and killed an intruder who unlawfully invaded his home around 7:45 am on May 15th. Officers responded to a reported shooting and identified the 31-year-old invader as Aires Jordan Holmes. He did not survive multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene.

There was a confrontation when the homeowner confronted Holmes inside the premises, which resulted in the use of deadly force. The homeowner’s name is not being released, nor is he currently or expected to be charged with any crimes. Ultimately, the Maricopa County District Attorney will decide whether or not that is the case.

Meanwhile, more blue states are thrilled to pass ‘gun control’ legislation. Minnesota passed a sweeping reform bill intended to abrogate the second amendment rights of citizens in that state. The new red flag laws would allow police to ask courts for the authority to ‘temporarily’ take guns away from people should they be deemed an “imminent threat” to themselves or others. There has been no word on how these individuals in crisis will handle armed police showing up to confiscate their firearms based on the say-so of people they may be quarreling with.

Background checks were expanded to include private sales and transfers of firearms, though how that would be enforced is also questionable. The bill also expands “bias crimes” to include gender identity, and creates the new “Office of Missing and Murdered Black Women and Girls.” There has also been no word as to why a particular class of victim is more important than other murdered or missing people.

The packed bill also increases pay for judges and restricts strip searches for juveniles in state custody.

Democrats love to pack a whole bunch of unrelated things together, don’t they? Raises for judges, gun control, a new office, and a new class of hate crime seem like they’d be separate issues. Regardless, folks will be less likely to be able to legally defend themselves from violent home invasions in Minnesota once the governor signs the bill into law.

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