Arizona Plugs Holes in Border Wall Using Shipping Containers

Arizona Plugs Holes in Border Wall Using Shipping Containers

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( – US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has seen a record high number of migrant encounters in the fiscal year 2022. Since October 2021, the agency has reported nearly two million encounters. Many locals blame the federal government’s lack of urgency and concern over security for the surge in immigration. The Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey (R), took matters into his own hands to protect his constituents and secure the border, utilizing shipping containers to plug holes in the wall that separates Mexico and the US.

Stepping Up

Yuma, Arizona has seen a significant increase in migrants illegally entering the US. More than 260,000 have crossed into America since October of last year, almost a 250% increase compared to the fiscal year 2021. Governor Ducey, like much of the country, recognized there’s a serious problem along the border and signed a bill in late June to address the issue.

On August 12, the Republican leader signed an executive order to allocate funds for the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs to fill any gaps in the Yuma Sector of the southern border. Governor Ducey mentioned his state is fed up and can no longer wait on the Biden administration to take action. The Arizona leader explained he’s worked with DC every step of the way but with little effect. The state has had to step up and do the job of the federal government repeatedly, according to Ducey.

Stacking Up

The state’s Department of Emergency and Military Affairs decided to use shipping containers to block gaps in the Yuma Sector. After nearly two weeks of dedicated hard work, Governor Ducey announced the completion of the project.

The Republican noted in an official statement that it took Arizona only 11 days to do what the federal government wouldn’t. Ducey asserted his state displayed how fast the border can be made secure. Each container weighs around 8,800 pounds. The state welded them shut, linked them together, and double-stacked them to fill in the gaps in the Yuma Sector.

Governor Ducey recognized the effort and completion of the project as a win for the security of Arizona. However, the Republican also noted there was a lot more work ahead to secure the border. He declared the federal government needs to do its job, as immigration and the country’s security are supposed to be federal responsibilities. The governor asserted lawmakers in DC need to “fix the border they’ve broken.”

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