Armed Americans Take Action as Crime Wave Sweeps the Nation Under Democrat Rule

Armed Americans Take Action as Crime Wave Sweeps the Nation Under Democrat Rule

( – Since President Joe Biden took over command of the White House and the nation, violent crime has surged in certain areas, namely those run by Democrats. As a result, Americans have felt the need to take action and defend themselves, and they’re exercising their Second Amendment rights to do it.

Americans are tired of being scared, and many have learned to defend themselves. In several instances, gun owners have stopped criminal acts in progress.

On February 8, a concealed carry holder heard a commotion coming from his neighbor’s home just before 11:00 p.m. When he went to investigate, he discovered a woman and a 19-year-old male with a knife. The gun owner left only to have the armed young man follow him, and as the teen approached him with the knife, the man drew his firearm and shot him.

Also, earlier last year, a 12-year-old boy fired at two intruders who had broken in, shot his grandmother in the leg, and demanded money. In another instance, a man ended a fight in a mall when he used his gun to stop armed attackers from gaining control of a second firearm.

In November, an incident in Chicago unfolded when two carjackers attempted to steal a woman’s vehicle at gunpoint while she was parked near a bank. The woman used her own gun, which she thanked God she had, claiming she would likely be dead without it.

Just days before Christmas, the husband of Kimberly Lightford, Illinois State Senator, exchanged gunfire with one of the three suspects attempting to steal Lightford’s Mercedes-Benz SUV. In another attempted carjacking instance earlier this month, a mother pulled her firearm on a man trying to get in her car during a traffic jam.

Americans are taking their security into their own hands, and it’s easy to see why. They can protect not only themselves but those around them as well.

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