Armed Cartel Gunmen Take Part in Gun Battle

Armed Cartel Gunmen Take Part in Gun Battle

( – Gang violence isn’t exclusive to the United States. Countries all over the world battle gangs and factions. Cartels are a big issue in Mexico, and a border city recently became a war zone because of them. A massive gunfight between cartels crippled the border city of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Sunday night through the morning hours of Monday.

The gang battle started after three rival cartels sensed a power vacuum resulting from the arrest of Juan Gerardo Trevino, also known as El Huevo. The violence saw the city riddled with bullets and semi-trailers set on fire, a scene reminiscent of the current landscape in Ukraine. Gunfire struck the US Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, forcing it to temporarily close its doors to the public.

Trevino, also a US citizen, has been on the US Customs and Border Protection’s most-wanted list for several years. El Huevo faces extradition to the United States for money laundering and drug-trafficking as well as state-level charges of terrorism, murder, criminal association, and extortion. Trevino, according to Mexican authorities, is the leader of the Zetas network’s northeast cartel. He is also the leader of Tropas del Infierno or Troops of Hell.

The turf war also prompted authorities to shut down the two border-crossing bridges connecting Nuevo Laredo to Laredo, Texas, over fears of stray bullets potentially striking motorists.

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