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Son Convicted In Murder For Hire Scheme To Kill Alleged Gangster Father

Son Convicted In Murder For Hire Scheme To Kill Alleged Gangster Father

( – Anthony Zottola Sr. couldn’t wait for his father to die and leave him the family business, so he took matters into his own hands and had him killed. On October 19, a jury found the accused and his accomplice, Himen “Ace” Ross, guilty of conspiracy and murder-for-hire. The two had also planned attacks on Zottola’s older brother, Salvatore Zottola, who survived.

The father, Sylvester Zottola, had built a real estate empire that moved expensive rental properties, where he’d employed Anthony Zottola. NBC News reported the victim had used mob money to start the business and maintained the affiliation. The greedy son apparently felt both his father and brother were in the way of his endeavors, so he elicited the help of several other people to snuff out the two family members.

Sylvester Zottola survived multiple brutal attempts. A gunman stalked him in 2017, and another assailant slashed his throat and stabbed him multiple times. Finally, in 2018, Ross followed the victim, who was then 71 years old, using a tracking device and fatally gunned him down in the drive-thru of a McDonald’s restaurant.

Salvatore Zottola alleged his brother hired members of the notorious Bloods to kill him as well. The older sibling survived multiple bullet wounds, one of which was a graze to the head.

Five other people have pleaded guilty in this case: Herman “Taliban” Blanco, Arthur “Feddy” Codner, Jason “the Hat” Cummings, Bushawn “Shelz” Shelton, and Julian “Biz” Snipe. All face mandatory life terms in prison.

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