At Least 10 Dead in Major Car Crash Near the Border

At Least 10 Dead in Major Car Crash Near the Border

( – As the Biden administration and CDC continue to repeat the dangers of COVID-19’s Delta variant, they seem to be ignoring the numerous other issues facing our nation. Along our southern border, not only are illegal immigrants testing positive for the virus and still being released into the country, but they’re also running wild. In one case, they caused a car crash that killed at least 10 people.

Overcapacity Van Crashes Into Pole, Killing at Least 10

Just south of Encino, Texas, a van carrying 30 people, double the van’s legal limit, crashed into a metal utility pole and stop sign after the driver lost control on Business Route 281, about 80 miles north of the US-Mexico border.

The driver died at the scene, and 10 others have also died as of Thursday, August 5. The remaining 20 passengers have injuries ranging from serious to critical, and have been sent to various hospitals nearby.

According to Brooks County Sheriff Benny Martinez, 27 passengers were men and 3 were women. One was from Guatemala, 3 were from Mexico, and the remaining 26 were from Honduras. All are believed to be illegal immigrants.

According to reports, the van was not being pursued by police before it crashed. Thankfully, it was a one-car crash and didn’t bring death or injury upon any innocent bystanders. However, that’s not always the case.

The Latest Texas Crash Was Not an Isolated Incident

Earlier this year, 13 people were killed after an over-packed SUV hit a tractor trailer in California’s Imperial Valley. In that case, a US resident had arranged the transportation for the illegal immigrants that were in the overcrowded SUV.

Soon after that March crash, two pickup trucks collided in southwestern Texas, killing eight people. The instance was similar; a Texan man was charged with “transporting illegal aliens resulting in death.” As illegal immigrants seek transportation, it’s clearly leading to an uptick in vehicle deaths. Many of them are often preventable if driving laws had been followed.

The Border Crisis Rages On

Despite President Joe Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’ alleged efforts to address the border situation, southern states continue to see an enormous surge of illegal immigrants coming through and wreaking havoc on their communities.

The migrants are bringing copious amounts of illegal drugs, like fentanyl and methamphetamine, into our nation, likely to disperse among American towns to addict and kill millions. The illegal crossers are also testing positive for COVID-19, and some have brought children who will be sold into sex trafficking circles.

President Biden continues to push this crisis under the rug. Instead, he rambles on about his infrastructure plan, the Delta variant, and how he plans to spend money on “climate resilience.” Perhaps instead of focusing on these largely left-leaning issues, he should address the border crisis with a strong arm, secure our border, national security, and the health of our nation once again.

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