Atlanta Extremist Group May Be Working for Russia

Atlanta Extremist Group May Be Working for Russia

Extremist Group Rips America APART – Is Putin Behind This?

( – Federal authorities have repeatedly warned that domestic terrorism is an ongoing threat in America. While the media has focused its attention on far-right extremists, there are others lurking in the shadows and attempting to do harm. The FBI is currently investigating a black extremist group in the South.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), the FBI and the Fayetteville, Georgia, police department formed a joint task force to investigate the Black Hammer Party. The extremist group reportedly espouses anti-American views and advocates for a revolution against the US government.

On Tuesday, August 16, a hearing took place in Magistrate Court in Fayette County. Prosecutors charged the group’s leader, 36-year-old Augustus Claudius Romain, and his top lieutenant, 21-year-old Xavier Rushin, with false imprisonment, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and other crimes. Testimony revealed the Black Hammer Party is being investigated by the task force for drugs, gun crimes, trafficking, and other offenses.

In July, the DOJ unsealed an indictment accusing Moscow, Russia resident Aleksandr Viktorovich Ionov of conspiring with political groups in the US to push propaganda for the country. The goal was to allegedly cause more partisan division and interfere with elections, among other things. The AJC revealed one of those groups is the Georgia-based black separatist organization. The Russian is facing five years in prison.

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