Atmospheric River Brings Record Rainfall?

Digital sign at freeway stating Severe Weather Use Caution with wet freeway and traffic. The image is from the 15 freeway in San Diego County California

( – An atmospheric river that is passing across California has brought record rainfall to the state, which has caused numerous incidents. As a result of this rainfall, firefighters have responded to over 130 floodings and have taken part in multiple rescues.

For eighth counties, a state of emergency has been declared as the accumulation of rainfall has led to multiple problems and hazards. The storm is a part of an atmospheric river, which is when water evaporates into the air and then is pulled by winds into different areas which makes the water in the sky flow like the rivers on land do.

This, in turn, brings lots of rainfall in certain areas and has caused record rainfall in areas of California in particular; bringing between 5 and 10 inches of rain in some places. Evacuation orders are in effect for some neighborhoods that have sprawling hills and valleys, as this poses a threat, creating areas that can accumulate more rainwater leading to flooding.

The LA Mayor, Karen Bass, said “It is vital now more than ever, to stay safe, and off the roads. Only leave your house if it is absolutely necessary.”

The heavy rainfall has killed three people in California including one in Sacramento Valley and two in Santa Cruz. All three of these men were killed due to tree falls.

On the other hand, this same atmospheric river that brought this heavy rainfall also brought heavy snowfall to mountain areas. Some places in the mountains of California expect to get feet of snow, which heightens the risk of avalanches and other snowfall-related dangers.

The storms continue as 70-mile-per-hour winds push forward leading to power outages. It’s expected to continue into Tuesday with increased rainfall and risks of flooding.

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