Attorneys General Push Back Against Biden’s Controversial Project

Attorneys General Push Back Against Biden's Controversial Project

( – President Joe Biden was once considered a moderate Democrat, but he has turned out to be a bit more liberal than many imagined. As a result, many states have had to push back against some of his administration’s radical proposals. Now, nearly two dozen attorneys general have been able to fight back against Biden’s attempt to teach Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the New York Times’ 1619 project in schools.

The Department of Education Tries to Rewrite US History

On April 19, the Department of Education proposed a new way of teaching American children history by prioritizing skewed and controversial theories, such as CRT and the 1619 project.

The proposal highlights the current administration’s support of CRT advocate Ibram X. Kendi, who advocates “anti-racism,” which some Americans see as a simply reinvented form of racism. Similarly, the 1619 project seeks to skew much of our nation’s history by looking at nearly everything through the lens of so-called “systemic racism.”

20 Attorneys General Argue Against the “Deeply Flawed” Proposal

On Wednesday, May 19, attorneys general from 20 states wrote a letter to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona to address the issue at hand. Led by Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, the group highlighted how the federal government must not fund projects that support CRT or the 1619 project, as both attempt to “reframe our country’s history” poorly.

In addition, the letter noted that teaching history through the lens of racism will “distort, rather than illuminate” our nation’s history and is “fundamentally at odds” with our laws.

Protecting Our Children From the Radical Left

Democrats have long sought to “educate” the next generation on their ideals to produce the change they seek. However, states are individually in charge of the education within their jurisdiction, so it is up to them to push back against the federal government’s overreach.

While states like Georgia, Arizona, Kentucky, and Indiana have used a letter to protest, it seems legislation barring the teaching of theories like CRT and the 1619 project from schools may be next.

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