Australian Man Could Face Charges After Insulting Foreign Nation’s President

Australian Man Could Face Charges After Insulting Foreign Nation's President

This Horrifying Story Proves Exactly Why Every Nation Needs a First Amendment

( – In the United States, if a person insults even their own president, there is no penalty. That’s the beauty of free speech. However, free speech isn’t a luxury every country gets to enjoy. Take, for example, Australia, where authorities say a man could face charges after insulting a leader from another country.

Drew Pavlou, the Senate candidate holding the sign in the video, quickly became a target of Chinese people for his message that said, “F— Xi Jinping” in Chinese. Many people confronted him about his sign, with some claiming he was disrespecting the Chinese people in Australia and another telling him there was genocide in America.

One man became violent, taking the sign from Pavlou and throwing it on the ground to stomp on it. After the incident, the sign holder later tweeted that the New South Wales Police Force (NSW) indicated he was under investigation and would likely face charges. Pavlou also mentioned the urgent need for Australia to pass a Bill of Rights to preserve and protect free speech.

According to Fox News, authorities didn’t mention an investigation into Pavlou, but they did talk about their investigation into a reported assault at the Eastwood Plaza. Police say they served a man a notice to appear in court for assault charges; the 48-year-old was set to appear on May 4. Pavlou believes the threat of investigation and charges was merely a scare tactic.

Will there be charges against Pavlou? Or will his government protect him?

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