Ayaan Hirsi Ali Denounces Atheism and Converts to Christianity

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Intellectual Ayaan Hirsi Ali said on November 12 that she is “now a Christian,” and criticized atheism for relativizing some religious beliefs. In an essay published on UnHerd, Ali explained she “embraced Christianity” as a response to the “nihilistic vacuum” of today’s world and as part of a personal spiritual journey.

Ali pointed out that while she has been identifying as an atheist over the last two decades, she now believes that having a life without any spiritual solace is “unendurable” and almost “self-destructive.” She also wrote that atheism has consistently failed to answer which is the purpose and meaning of life, which she considered one of its “biggest” failures.

Ali added the retreat of “the church” has left a void in today’s world that has been filled by an irrational and “quasi-religious dogma.” The intellectual and political activist also noted in her essay that people don’t need to look for a “new-age concoction” of mindfulness and medication to address the crisis that society is currently living, as Christianity “has it all.”

She mentioned that another reason why she embraced Christianity is the numerous threats against Western civilization around the world. These include the Russian and Chinese regimes, along with “global Islamism.” However, she noted that “woke ideology,” which was created in Western nations, is also one of today’s biggest threats.

Ali wrote she believes that the only way to fight against these threats is to find the elements “that unite us.” She explained that the most powerful one is upholding the legacy of the “Judeo-Christian tradition.”

Ali, who is also the wife of Scottish historian Niall Ferguson, has been one of the most famous critics of Islam in the world. She has declared in numerous interviews she suffered female genital mutilation while she was growing up in her home country Somalia. She eventually escaped from the African nation and moved to the Netherlands, where she renounced Islam and declared herself an atheist in 2002. Ali claimed she has received numerous threats from Muslim individuals in Europe for taking that decision.

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