AZ Attorney General Race Recount Election Results Are In

AZ Attorney General Race Recount Election Results Are In

( – The 2022 midterms served up quite a few losses for the GOP. One Republican candidate for Attorney General in Arizona lost to their Democratic opponent, a trend shared by many conservative party members on November 8. The Arizona Republican still held out hopes of winning after losing by a very small margin, constituting a recount. Those results are finally in.

Unfortunately for Abraham Hamadeh (R), the recount only confirmed their loss. Kris Mayes, the Republican’s Democratic opponent, won by only 280 votes, or 0.01% of the 2.5 million cast ballots. The razor-thin margin of victory translates to one of the tightest political races in Arizona’s history.

Prior to the recount, Mayes had beaten Hamadeh by 511 votes. A judge in Arizona had ordered the counties to keep their recount results under close wraps until a hearing on December 29, 2022. The recount nearly cut the Democrat’s lead in half. The discrepancy in the original margin of victory and the revised one drew concern from some.

Rumors surrounding the difference in Mayes’ lead before and after the recount began spreading. As a result, Hamadeh asked the judge to allow Mark Brnovich, the state’s current attorney general, to remain in office until Arizona fixed all the problems it seemed to be having. However, the judge denied the Republican’s request.

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