Baby Drop-Boxes See Uptick in Use Following Roe Overturn

Baby Drop-Boxes See Uptick in Use Following Roe Overturn

Republicans Invent WILD Idea To Save Unwanted Children

( – The termination of Roe v. Wade has many women worried as several states look to severely restrict or outright ban abortions. With the practice becoming illegal in some areas, women are left with little choice but to follow through with having their children. A firehouse in Carmel, Indiana is offering mothers a chance to give up their babies without having to face any sort of judgment.

Carmel is far from the only community where there’s a baby drop box. Many places across the country offer women the anonymity of giving up their children. However, not many have seen the increase that Carmel’s fire department has.

Despite having the Safe Haven Baby Box available over the past few years, the fire department has never seen anyone drop off an infant. Until now. Victor Andes was at the fire station in early April when the box’s alarm rang. When the firefighter checked to see what was there, he discovered a newborn boy wrapped in towels.

In late April, another woman dropped off her baby girl, and a third baby came in May. The New York Times noted that another three children arrived by the time summer came around. All 50 states in the union have safe haven laws that protect women from facing criminal charges for abandoning their children.

The drop boxes provide them a private way to surrender their baby. Use of these receptacles will likely increase in activity as women find it harder and harder to obtain abortions.

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