Baby Formula Factory To Resume Operations After False Flag FDA Shutdown

Baby Formula Factory To Resume Operations After False Flag FDA Shutdown

The Government Agency Failure Behind America’s Baby Formula Shortage

( – American families across the nation are finding it difficult to locate and purchase baby formula, even from some of the nation’s largest retailers. While the pandemic certainly disrupted the supply, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claimed sick infants were linked to one of the biggest formula producers in the country and suspended operations. The move caused a catastrophic shortage. Thankfully, the company looks to resume production soon, bringing relief to families everywhere.

Abbott, one of the biggest baby formula producers, released a statement on May 16 indicating it was taking the necessary steps to get everything back in working order as soon as the FDA approves its Sturgis, Michigan plant. The statement mentioned the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and FDA conducted an investigation into the plant when several babies became sick or died after consuming formula the facility had produced.

The formula supposedly contained Cronobacter sakazakii or a strain of Salmonella, although Abbott conducted a microbiology test on its products from the plant, and it didn’t find a trace of either bacterium in the formula. The press release noted the only C. sakazakii bacteria it found was in non-product areas, adding that there was no link between the Sturgis plant and the infants becoming ill.

Abbott hopes to have the plant up and running again in the next couple of weeks, which would mean consumers would likely begin seeing baby formula back on the shelves within two months.

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