Backed Into a Corner, Prince Andrew Attacks Alleged Victim and the Law

Backed Into a Corner, Prince Andrew Attacks Alleged Victim and the Law

( – Prince Andrew’s alleged sexual assault victim, Virginia Giuffre, filed a lawsuit against the prince earlier this year, suing him for damages. In the face of a deadline to respond or receive default judgment, Prince Andrew’s legal team reacted last minute by attacking Giuffre and the law she utilized to sue the prince.

Andrew once stood in solidarity with victims of Jeffery Epstein, noting they deserve some closure. All of that has gone out the window as Giuffre’s claims against the prince have caused him to act like a wild animal that attacks when cornered.

First, Andrew’s legal counsel went after the Child Victims Act (CVA), which allowed victims to bring forward historic claims of abuse and assault. In the face of Giuffre’s allegations of rape, Andrew has taken a different stance with his legal team claiming CVA is unconstitutional in that it doesn’t allow Andrew due process. Giuffre accuses the prince of sexual abuse in New York, London, and the US Virgin Islands.

Andrew’s legal team didn’t stop there. The attack extended to Giuffre herself, alleging that she was a recruiting force for Epstein. The prince’s legal counsel also claims that Giuffre has exploited claims against Epstein and others to profit from them, which is what Andrew’s lawyer insisted Giuffre is doing now.

The prince’s legal team mentioned in their statement that the plaintiff may be a victim of Epstein and that nothing could fully capture the horror she experienced. But Andrew’s legal representation also claimed that Prince Andrew never sexually abused or assaulted Giuffre.

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