Baltimore To Offer $1,000 Reward To Only Vaccinated Employees

Baltimore To Offer $1,000 Reward To Only Vaccinated Employees

( – Baltimore city officials announced on Tuesday that vaccinated city employees and anyone else who gets the mandated COVID-19 shot before January 14, 2022, will receive $1,000 for their compliance. Meanwhile, those who continue to refuse the mandate will be subject to disciplinary action to include termination.

Democratic Mayor Brandon M. Scott and City Administrator Christopher Shorter announced the incentivized policy to prioritize Baltimore’s community’s safety. They also hope to encourage more city employees to upload and prove their vaccine status to its Human Resources Department.

The department reports that approximately 3,303 city employees have not yet reported their vaccine status, while 9,238 say they are fully vaccinated. In a joint press conference, Mayor Scott noted that the city of Baltimore remains in a pandemic and that people continue to lose their lives due to being unvaccinated.

The $1,000 incentive to have more city employees vaccinated raises questions as to whether or not taxpayers should be the ones to pay for such an expensive incentive, especially if they opt-out.

The associated costs aren’t exactly small, either. For example, sending $1000 to even the 9,238 recorded so far would cost the city an estimated $9,238,000 plus.

According to New York Times Covid-19 tracker, the city of Baltimore has not reported any new COVID-19 cases or deaths as of December 6, 2021. However, they claim that’s mainly due to a reporting glitch in the system.

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