Barack Obama Worried Trump Is Appealing to Black Men

Barack Obama Worried Trump Is Appealing to Black Men

( – Presidential candidates seek the support of different groups through their personality and promised policies. But, former President Barack Obama is worried that President Donald Trump appeals to black men who like him for his “tough” and “macho style.”

On Thursday, December 3, in an interview with Peter Hamby on Snapchat’s “Good Luck America”, Obama was asked about why he believes his Vice President Joe Biden received less support from black Americans than Obama did when he ran for office.

His answer was that “men generally are more susceptible to public figures who act tough, sort of a stereotypical macho style,” highlighting those in the hip-hop community who have similar values to President Trump. He did specify that both white and Hispanic men also are drawn to Trump’s personality as well.

The interview can be seen here:

Conservative talk show host Larry Elder poses a different reason for the change in black support, though:

While Obama may say that black voters were lured in by President Trump’s personality, some Americans would say it was his policies too. Trump provided tax cuts, economic-boosting deregulations, and huge support for the community. Many say these policies brought more prosperity to black Americans than the Obama administration did.

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