BBC Slammed for Gender-Neutral Coverage of Abortion Ruling

BBC Slammed for Gender-Neutral Coverage of Abortion Ruling

Woke Media Company Under Fire For Outrageously-Biased Coverage

( – With the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, attention regarding the abortion debate has exploded with both sides fighting to be right on the issue. The topic has become so widespread that leaders in Europe have become involved. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is also facing backlash after taking a gender-neutral angle when reporting on the High Court’s ruling.

The BBC, during a radio show, recently reported on the backlash the US Supreme Court’s decision is receiving from European leaders like Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom and Emmanuel Macron the President of France. According to Breitbart News, the High Court isn’t the only entity getting harsh criticism, noting that the BBC’s gender-neutral coverage has also caused a bit of a stir. The British company allegedly used the term “pregnant people” when talking about the current situation in the US and also used the phrase when discussing Roe v. Wade.

As Breitbart pointed out, the 1973 law used the terms “mother” and “women” when granting those in the US a right to abortion. Helen Joyce, the advocacy director for Sex Matters, spoke with the Daily Mail and asserted it didn’t matter where someone stood on the abortion matter, adding there needed to be “clear, polite, unapologetic language about the reality of human existence,” using woman, man, female, and male as examples.

The BBC has since explained why they used the phrasing they did, adding that editors have amended their online article on the matter.

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