Beijing Starts Building Up Their Military Power

Beijing Starts Building Up Their Military Power

China Is Gearing Up For War And It Isn’t Going Unnoticed

( – For years the Chinese government has been attempting to become the number-one economy in the world. Now, it appears as though its leaders are also trying to beat out the US for the top military spot. As China builds up its forces, neighboring nations are beginning to express concern over the potential conflicts.

Of all China’s Pacific neighbors, Taiwan likely deals with the most from the communist country. Reports from the Daily Caller indicate there are near-daily incursions of the island nation’s airspace. Other countries in the area, such as Japan and South Korea, are also preparing themselves for the potential of armed conflicts with China. Even Australia believes the communist country may be a military threat to its sovereignty in the next couple of decades, according to data from a recent Lowy Institute poll.

These concerns come after China successfully completed the construction of the largest aircraft carrier in Asia, fully designed, developed and constructed in the communist country. The US Naval Institute noted that China has the world’s largest navy, though experts believe the United States still possesses the most advanced fleet.

According to Statista, China already boasts the world’s largest active-duty military. The communist country’s recent focus on modernization of its military has countries on edge, especially after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Could China be looking to expand by force? Should the US be concerned for its allies?

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