Belarus Says Russia Provided Them With Nuclear Weapons

( – Belarus dictator Aleksandr Lukashenko said on June 13 that his nation received nuclear weapons from Russia. He made this revelation during an interview with a Russian state TV network. Experts believe this could represent a significant escalation of tensions and even exacerbate the geopolitical crisis that Russia started after invading Ukraine.

During the interview, which was quoted by the New York Times, Lukashenko said that Belarus now has new rockets and bombs sent by Moscow. He said one of these bombs is “three times” more powerful than the ones launched against “Hiroshima and Nagasaki.” While he didn’t directly mention a nuclear bomb, his suggestion was clear.

However, it’s possible he was bluffing as a way to scare the West or create confusion among world leaders. After all, the Lukashenko regime has been criticized and sanctioned by Western governments over the last few years. While he has always shown an authoritarian side, critics say he severely undermined democracy in Belarus in 2020. That year, Lukashenko won a presidential election full of irregularities, to the point where the European Union said it didn’t recognize Lukashenko as president.

Following these remarks from the Belarusian leader, spokesman for the US national security council John Kirby told media he had his doubts. He said that Lukashenko’s “constant rhetoric” is an example of “irresponsible ways” of talking about nuclear weapons.

The comments from Lukashenko come while Ukraine has started a counteroffensive near the Zaporizhzhia region. The operation began a couple of weeks after Russia captured the city of Bakhmut, which has been Moscow’s most important victory in the war so far.

Over the last few years, experts have been pointing out that Belarus plays a major role in the Kremlin’s ambition to restore the Soviet Union. On this goal, Lukashenko has become a key figure as he’s currently one of the main allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He’s even one of the few world leaders who have expressed support for Moscow’s decision to invade Ukraine.

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