Beloved Former Fox News Anchor Running for Governor

Beloved Former Fox News Anchor Running for Governor

( – Many Americans dream of running for office in order to make their town, state, or nation better. For one well-loved Fox News anchor in Arizona, that dream is becoming a reality this year.

On Tuesday, June 1, Kari Lake, an Emmy-winning former news anchor, announced she is running for governor of Arizona:

Lake quit her job in March after working for over two decades at Fox News affiliate KSAZ-TV. For years, she’s advocated for a “wider range of viewpoints” in the news, specifically on the conservative side.

Lake is running on a platform that supports small businesses, proper K-12 schooling, and strengthened border security. She wishes current leaders had “pushed back” against mainstream media who sought to “scare and drive division.”

If Kari Lake accomplishes her goal of winning the governor’s seat, she’ll hopefully do just that and bring her state back to its roots as the “great symbol of the American West.”

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