Benjamin Netanyahu Removed From Office

Benjamin Netanyahu Removed From Office

( – The now-former Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, served as the nation’s leader for a total of 15 years, the last 12 of which ended this weekend. While he was the longest-serving prime minister of Israel in its short history, his leadership was not without its highs and lows, many of which shaped the Middle East for the better.

On Sunday, June 13, Israel swore in a new government that effectively removed Netanyahu from office. The new government is formed by eight parties, to include one Arab party, which only agrees on its dislike for Netanyahu. It will be led by the now-Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, a former associate of Netanyahu’s.

The Associated Press shares more about how these events unfolded:

Israel has had a rough go of it over the past 2 years, including 4 elections, the coronavirus pandemic, and the deadly 11-day battle with Hamas last month. However, Netanyahu will be remembered for the historic Abraham Accords he worked on with former President Donald Trump and the fact that, during his service, the United States recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

As the new government gets its feet wet, Netanyahu is expected to oppose it. But, he’s likely to remain the most popular politician among nationalists as his legacy is remembered.

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