Bette Midler Slammed for Comments About West Virginians in Aftermath of Manchin’s BBB Announcement

Bette Midler Slammed for Comments About West Virginians in Aftermath of Manchin's BBB Announcement

( – Political leaders and famous celebrities have to deal with critics on a daily basis. For Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), there’s certainly no shortage of condemnation. But, oddly enough, the American people came to his defense this time around.

Politicians are never going to do everything their constituents want them to do. Sometimes people just don’t realize that and throw a fit; actress Bette Midler is the latest example. As Democrats attempted to ram through Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) plan, Senator Manchin stood alongside the Republican Party in opposition of passing the bill, the deciding vote.

Despite Manchin mentioning for months that he wasn’t going to support the bill, some people seem to have expected different results. Midler happens to be one of those people, and she had plenty to say about the ordeal. The actress asserted that Manchin’s decision to vote against the bill sold-out Democrats in America. Midler claimed that the senator was attempting to turn the US into West Virginia, where she claimed everyone was illiterate, strung out, and poor.

Her tweet quickly blew up, but not in a good way. Soon she had followers and other Twitter users attacking her for what she’d said. Donald Trump Jr. asserted that Midler’s comments reflected how the social elite looked down on common Americans. Others blasted her for her insensitivity, while some indicated they would no longer be fans of Midler’s work.

The much-deserved backlash prompted the actress to take back what she said and apologize. However, it was too late; the damage had been done.

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