Biden Admin Accused of Supporting Cartels

( – Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson accused the Biden administration on October 2 of supporting Mexican drug cartels through a billionaire “business model.” During an interview with Newsmax, the GOP leader said that the White House is committing a “serious mistake,” as he described cartel members as some of the “most evil people on the planet.”

When asked about why so few media outlets are reporting this, Johnson told host Rob Schmitt that the US mainstream media is “complicit” in hiding the truth about everything that is taking place at the southern border. He also said that Americans need to know the “truth” of what is happening in this area, and how the current White House is benefiting the Mexican drug cartels.

The Wisconsin senator claimed that the mainstream media is “corrupt” and complicit with what the Biden administration is doing. He added that no one on the left wants a secure border, as he claimed their goal is to have and maintain this type of chaos. Johnson also noted that while the United States could “go back” to how things were during the Trump administration on this matter, “the left” decided to open up the border.

When asked about the four-hour delay caused by Democrats on September 30, which almost derailed the continuing resolution to fund the US federal government, Johnson said this was because they protested the lack of aid to Ukraine. The senator told Schmitt that the Democratic Party doesn’t care about the United States, as it showed more interest in Kyiv than the border policy.

The Republican leader also claimed that the border is now entirely controlled on the Mexican side, and pointed out that the drug cartels are the ones who run everything. Johnson told Schmitt that, on the Mexican side, it’s impossible to cross without the cartel approval, or without paying a “human trafficking fee.” He pointed out that the Biden administration is facilitating their illegal operations with his lack of interest in solving the border crisis.

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