Biden Admin Confirms China’s Cuban Spy Base

( – According to a Fox News Saturday report, a Biden administration official told the network that the Chinese regime is increasing its spying operations in Cuba. The official explained this is an “ongoing issue” that started before the current administration. The person also said that previous reports about China securing a deal to build a new espionage base on the Caribbean Island were not accurate.

On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Beijing and Havana reached a secret deal for China to create an electronic eavesdropping base in Cuba. This would allow the Chinese regime’s intelligence services to spy on southeastern US electronic communications and ship traffic. This detail raised concerns as this is the part of the country where many of its most important military bases are located.

The Journal report pointed out that the Chinese regime agreed to pay the Cuban dictatorship several billion dollars so it could build this base. According to the report, which cited sources familiar with the matter, Biden administration officials said that the intelligence on these plans was “convincing.”

Shortly after the report was published, White House National Security spokesman John Kirby told reporters this was inaccurate. He also said the same to Fox News but refused to elaborate further.

The network said that the Biden administration official explained that the White House had been briefed on these espionage operations from China. The person said that these efforts from the Chinese regime are meant to expand Beijing’s influence around the world. The official also explained that the Chinese regime has been considering different sites to build the station. These include some nations in Latin America, Africa, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indo-Pacific, and even the Middle East.

The official also told Fox News that this operation from China in Cuba includes the presence of Chinese “intelligence collection facilities.” The person added this has been documented in the “intelligence record” since 2019.

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