Biden Admin Fears American Soldier in North Korea in Danger

( – The US House Foreign Affairs Committee chief said on July 23 that he fears that the North Korean dictatorship will seek retribution over suspected US Army defector Travis King. During an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” Texas Republican Michael McCaul said he fears that King could be in danger as he’s “sure” that the Private 2nd Class is not being “treated well.”

When asked about what North Korea could do in this situation, he said that Pyongyang will probably demand concessions to free the American soldier. He added that the communist regime will now try to “capitalize” on the apparent defection. However, he said he believes King entered North Korea as he was just trying to get away “from his problems.”

In another part of the interview, McCaul noted that countries like Iran, China, and Russia have been putting “a price” on every American detained there. He explained he feels worried that this would be the “exact case” with King, as he’s not just an American citizen but a soldier.

King was on a civilian tour on July 18 when he crossed the Military Demarcation Line that separates North and South Korea. The 23-year-old 2nd Class private was recently released from a South Korean jail after fighting with locals. He then spent a week at a US base under observation.

As reported by Fox News, a senior defense official told the network that King was expressing his refusal to come back to America during his time in jail. Another defense official noted that the American soldier was supposed to take a flight back to the United States after being released. However, King left the airport and went to the orientation tour to then cross the demilitarized zone.

Since entering North Korea, Pyongyang hasn’t responded to numerous inquiries made by Washington about King’s status. In a statement, the American soldier’s family said that they publicly request “privacy” as they make efforts toward King’s “safe return.”

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