Biden Admin Is Considering Lifting Terrorist Designation on Iran’s IRGC

Biden Admin Is Considering Lifting Terrorist Designation on Iran’s IRGC

( – Iran has been an adversary of the United States for a long time. At one point America and the Iranian government had an agreement regarding nuclear weapons. Former President Trump withdrew from the agreement, claiming it didn’t do enough to stop Iran. Now, President Biden is attempting to revive the agreement at what seems like any cost.

In the midst of conflict in Eastern Europe, the Biden administration is trying to juggle several issues at once. As the administration becomes desperate to get Iran back into the 2015 nuclear deal, it looks at potentially removing the terrorist label from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). All the Biden administration is apparently asking for in return is for Iran to play nice in the region.

In what should be a sign of how bad of an idea this is, Mikhail Ulyanov, a Russian diplomat, gave praise to the Iranian negotiators, claiming they accomplished more than the country could expect. The designation allows criminal penalties for anyone connected to the IRGC to be possible even without the nuclear sanctions in place.

The controversial idea has Israel concerned, as it asserted the United States should’ve demanded Iran not to target US forces and their allies in the region. So far, Biden’s efforts have caused several US negotiators to call it quits after claiming the president is being too soft on the Middle Eastern country.

For some reason, Biden has been easygoing with dictators and authoritarians but has been especially hard on Americans. Officials in Europe and the United States have warned that Iran could have the ability to create a nuclear bomb within weeks, citing the urgency to get the country back into the 2015 nuclear deal. If Biden chooses to take the IRGC off the terrorist list, it could backfire in several ways, namely ones that involve people losing their lives.

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