Biden Avoids Press, Pushes Them Out Of Oval Office

( – White House staffers escorted reporters out of the Oval Office on Monday, to prevent them from asking US President Joe Biden some questions. The situation took place at the White House when the commander-in-chief had a meeting with Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. Both Western leaders gave nearly 5 minutes of remarks on the deep alliance between the two nations.

The last point of the reunion was the war in Ukraine, where President Biden and Prime Minister Frederiksen said they would keep helping Kyiv. However, right after it finished, the US leader immediately thanked the press, refusing to take any questions. This happened as the staffers were quickly escorting reporters out, in an uncomfortable moment where President Biden ignored reporters again.

Danish media said Frederiksen felt uneasy when reporters started to shout some questions and the president refused to answer. At one moment, the two leaders were seen conversing, and one reporter heard Frederiksen asking Biden how he sees Denmark’s leadership in the world. The president could be seen smiling, as many pointed out this was a way for the Danish prime minister to break the tense moment.

This situation represents the latest example of the US commander-in-chief’s problems with the media. After all, this isn’t the first time he decides to avoid or even ridicule reporters and journalists at the White House or during a public event.

A similar case took place in May when he met with Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. Just like what happened with Frederiksen, the US president was seen chuckling and even remaining silent when journalists were escorted out. This case was quite controversial as this dismissal came at a moment when concerns about the expiration of Title 42 were at their peak. Many pointed out the president had this treatment with the press as he didn’t want to answer any question about the Trump-era border policy.

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